How to regain your life after pregnancy

When I became a mother, I gained a love I’d never known the likes of before – but I also lost myself.

At the time, I didn’t realise it was happening. I simply didn’t have time to. I was consumed with the humdrum routine of washing and feeding and doing the school and nursery run; to dealing with the physical, emotional and mental effects of a long-term lack of sleep. Parenting is hard, we all know that. I accepted it as my lot, and buried the growing feeling that I wasn’t entirely happy.

After all, it’s hard to focus on yourself at all when you have young children to look after. There are scraped knees to kiss, ‘booboos’ to affix plasters to, squabbles to intervene in – and the ongoing struggle to manage an effective work-life balance. There’s also the pressure of maintaining relationships with your partner, parents, siblings and friends.
Becoming a mother or father comes hand-in-hand with a sudden, devastating lack of time to yourself; when even being able to go to the toilet in peace without a small human wanting to come with you feels like a luxury you only distantly remember.

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