2021 Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions

For two consecutive years, we have provided a large audience with true-life stories filled with emotions and emotions.

In 2019 we published our first edition with the theme – LOVE: Pleasure OR Pressure. The 2019 edition consider love situations wherein several authors shared their sweet and sour love experiences. Special attention was giving to pre-marriage, marriage and post-marriage experiences. In 2020 we published the second edition with the theme – The Iroko Tree has fallen.

The 2020 edition considers people’s expresses about loving a loved one and how they pull through this stage. The edition also appreciated the efforts of health experts who lost their lives while fighting to protect the world against Covid-19.

The 2021 edition have been titled BALANCE SHEET: Truly, Life isn’t balanced. This edition will provide different life experiences of people from around the world. It will concentrate on work-life, family-life, health-life and personal growth. Expectedly, there will be more than fifteen topics in this year’s edition. These topics will be divided into two sections and each section will bear its unique focus.

Voices: The Journal of Emotions and Motions remain committed to publishing an eclectic, well-edited collection of poems and/or short essays that pours our real-life emotions, actions and reactions. We love and accept languages of all kinds. We equally welcome works from a diverse range of poets, including men, women and children, people of different cultural and moral beliefs and those identified as autistic. We make inclusive decisions about the poets and essayists we publish.

If you feel you have experiences centred on our theme for this year, ‘BALANCE SHEET: Truly, Life isn’t balanced’, please feel free to reach out to our editorial board. We are currently accepting submissions, while the submission is expected to close by the 30th of September, 2021.

Submissions should be emailed to giftedmindswritersfirm@gmail.com & admin@giftedminds.com.ng. In the subject line of your email, please write “Poetry/Essay Submission: [title of your poem/article].

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