how to reduce the risk of stroke

Eating Mediterranean or DASH-style diets, regularly engaging in physical activity and keeping your blood pressure under control can lower your risk of a first-time stroke, according to updated AHA/ASA guideline published in the American Heart Association’s Journal Stroke. The updated guidelines recommend these tips to lower risk of stroke: Eat a Mediterranean or DASH-style diet, […]

I don’t sleep because of you

Have you ever been in a situation where you just can’t close your eyes for a second. Not because you are in love and can’t keep your eyes off the one you love. But because, your heart is broken and the one you thought loved you always hunt you in your dreams. This often happens […]

How possible is it to succeed despite the pandemic

If you look around you, you will discover that most of the things happening are negative things; discouraging circumstances, frustrating relationship, workers harassment, esoteric and unrealistic government promises. If you are to rely on these things, it will be easy to stay back and allow the happenings around to determine what goes wrong in our […]

How to look after my asthma (asthma triggers)

The best way to look after your asthma is to follow these golden rules: Get the best treatment you can and take it regularly Try to avoid things that trigger your asthma A trigger is anything that irritates the airways and brings on the symptoms of asthma. There are many different asthma triggers and they […]

7 simple to complex ways of removing excessive hair from the body

Hair has its function in the human body, but excessive hair might be a problem hence, the need for hair removal ways. There considerably, two types of excessive hair growth; hirsutism and hypertrichosis. Hirsutism affects women alone, while, hypertrichosis can affect both males and females. There are several ways of removing excess hair from the […]

Beyonce speaks on black lives and the forthcoming elections

Introducing Beyonce for her Humanitarian Award at 2020 BET Awards, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, celebrated the incredible music and humanitarian icon for her remarkable impacts. She said: “You can see it in everything she does, from her music that gives voice to black joy and black pain, to her activism that demands justice for […]

Death stole from me again

Death has stolen from me again, This time death took a beloved mother, Murdered the mother of a beloved friend. Death has left me again with one more loss; I have no more tears left in me to shed, As the year wither away like life doesn’t matter. Death paid another visit just too soon, […]

Understanding the true identity of unhappiness

Unhappiness is the direct opposite of happiness. Unhappiness can be as a result of any and so many things. Regaining happiness after a long period of unhappiness requires a lot of efforts and diligence. Happiness cannot be hidden; same is the case of unhappiness. Unhappiness causes you to be restless, sleepless, tired and depressed. Though, […]

Solving relationship arguments without a crack

Relationship is one of the most blissful experiences one can ever have. Relationship with humans – family, friends, colleagues, the spouse can be very complicated. This explains the human difference and the need for tolerance in a bit of finding peace. There has been no secret ingredient to a spicy relationship than understanding, acceptance, and […]

Trending African dance moves and how to dance them

People around the world dance for different reasons and in different ways. Some dances can express feelings like sadness, anger, or joy. Other dances can tell a story. Africa for the past years have become a heaven and oven of fresh dance moves for the world. First let me take you through 10 viral African […]

Dance History: Any Body Can Dance

Dance lovers, do you know the origin of dance? Hundreds of years ago the Christian church frowned upon dancing. But farmers and villagers still danced for fun. Many of these dances developed into folk dances. Ballet grew out of dances at the royal courts of France and Italy in the 1500s and 1600s. Drama, acrobatics, […]

2020 BET Awards Full Nomination List

The Black Entertainment Television (BET) on Monday June 15, made public the nomination list for 2020 BET awards. Prominent names in the music, movie and sport industry – Beyonce, Chris Brown, Usher, Cardi B, Jamie Foxx – made the list of 2020 BET Awards. Click to get the full story

Really big animals on earth

There are really big animals on earth both on land and in water. The biggest of them all resides in the water and enjoys several fresh delicacies. Land animals like Gorilla, Alligator are land’s big animals. Here are 9 world’s biggest animals on earth. 300 pounds: Komodo Dragon. Komodo Dragon belongs to the class of […]

Facts about wolves

Wolves live peacefully with other wolves. Wolf packs are well organized. Every member of the pack has a rank. The highest-ranking male wolf is the alpha male. The highest-ranking female wolf is the alpha female. When young wolves wrestle and snarl and play, they are actually working out their rank. Wolves fight, but they don’t […]


Usually, people have several hiccups in a row. After a few minutes, they usually stop. All mammals (animals that raise their young on milk) get hiccups. Newborn human babies have them. In fact, even unborn babies can get hiccups! Women and men get hiccups equally as often. But pregnant women rarely get hiccups. Read More […]

I’m tired of falling in love

I won’t wear makeup on Thursday I’m sick of covering up I’m tired of feeling so broken I’m tired of falling in love Sometimes I’m shy and I’m anxious Sometimes I’m down on my knees Sometimes I try to embrace all my insecurities So I won’t wear makeup on Thursday ‘Cause who I am is […]

George W. Bush: “Freedom is under attack”

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America as at the time of 9/11 attack on American soil, addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss the tragedy. The incident which happened on September 11, 2001, saw the the hijacking of two planes and crashing of the twin towers of the World Trade […]

Coronavirus: Sex ban to be lifted by weekend

For 11 weeks, many have been forced to give up sex; a protective measure implemented to curb coronavirus. This is about to end as from this coming weekend. The new rules have been put in place to address social isolation. This mean couples, friends, at last, will be able to visit each other freely after […]

Understanding the physiology of cats

Cats make a distinctive set of vocal sounds. The meow call is typically made for humans, not for other adult cats. The meow can be low-pitched if the cat is agitated or high-pitched if the cat is happy or is welcoming a person. The meow can be a demand for food or for attention. Mother […]

How to care for your cats

Although cats have a reputation for being relatively independent, domestic cats require love and attention from their owners. A balanced daily diet, such as that provided by high-quality commercial cat food, is essential for health and longevity, as is a regular supply of fresh water. Regular cleaning of litter pans is necessary to prevent disease; […]

Domestic violence, the new pandemic amidst lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has forced families to bond together than they ever had in a long while. Managing emotions in the presence of compulsory stay at home has regrettably proven to be an impossible task for many. Reports gathered shows that agencies advocating for women, gender activists and domestic violence organisations have received more daily […]

Sexual harassment in Ghana

Ghana currently enjoys a good number of foreigners within its geographical location due to its economy, financial value and educational quality amongst it counterparts. Regardless of the large population of workers and students in the country, Ghana does not consider sexual harassment as a crime. A Ghanaian Lawyer, Leslie Fiadoyor revealed this has revealed this […]

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment have indirect effects on society. Many feminist scholars consider sexual harassment to be a form of oppression that men use to maintain male-dominated power structures. These scholars note that sexual harassment in school limits girls’ participation and impairs their academic achievement. Similarly, women in fields of work that men have traditionally occupied—such as […]

Letter to my unborn

Hey Babs, I guess this is my second time of writing to you about the same concern. I’m so sorry to bother you. You’re not here yet, but I’ve loaded you up with the stress of the world already. It is not my intention to be this creative about writing you all. Sometimes, my world […]


Sometimes, love takes away the light in your life and leaves you in the dark. Alone! Sometimes, love takes your breath away and leaves you to choke. Alone! Sometimes, love takes your sight away so you never saw yourself crashing. Until you crash landed; Alone! Sometimes, love melt your heart away and leaves you heartless […]

Who is she?

Her beauty so disastrous makes all head turn and heart beats at boiling point Life and earth were at a melting point at her appearance making the sky want to cry at her disappearance Her gorgeousness crystal clear makes the stars hide their faces and the sun shy away She wears the heart of a […]

Mystery about the moon and stars

The only reason we can see the Moon from Earth, or that it appears to ‘shine’, is because light from the Sun strikes its surface and is reflected to us. Strange enough, we can only see one side of the Moon from the Earth. This is because the Moon rotates on its axis in the […]

The Largest Muscle is situated in the Buttocks

The human body has more than 600 major muscles and about 240 of them have specific names. There are two main types of muscles: skeletal muscles and smooth muscles. A third kind of muscle, called cardiac muscle, has characteristics of both skeletal and smooth muscles. It is found only in the heart. Click to complete […]

Mystery behind fogs and snow

Fog, dew and clouds are all related. In order for fog to form, the moisture must leave the air and condense. This means it must be cooled in some way, because cooler air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. When the air is cooled below a certain point, called the dew or saturation […]

What Vital Organs Reside in Human Throat

The human throat is house to many things, aside for the fact that therein lays the passage through which your swallowed food and liquids get into the body. Where are your vocal cords and where are your adenoids? Where would you find the epiglottis? The throat is a term loosely applied to the part of […]

What Triggers Feelings and Action in Human?

Everyone feels, react and act. So, what triggers this feelings and actions in human? Serotonin does. Serotonin is a chemical that acts in the brain and other parts of the body to influence many feelings, actions and processes. Some of the important functions regulated by serotonin include appetite, sleep, aggression, and moods. In the brain […]

Continental Government for Africa

At present, most of the independent African states are moving in directions which expose us to the dangers of imperialism and neo-colonialism. We, therefore, need a common political basis for the integration of our polities in economic planning, defence, foreign and diplomatic relations. That basis for political action need not infringe the essential sovereignty of […]

COVID-19 and Humanity

The COVID-19, as it has been observed from those infected, knows no identity! It spares no one! It affects both the whites and the blacks. It affects both the mightiest and lows. It affects both the rich and the poor. It affects both the leaders and the followers. It is no respecter of religion, race, […]

Get over 100 writing assistance

If you have a good business and need a little help to grow, or currently running short of writers, we would like to assist you. We will introduce you to some of the most effective and up-to-date technicalities of market griping contents. We will assist in marketing and advertising right from our desk. Why we […]

Success people are not mere dreamers

Les Brown said, “Life is not going to give you what you want, it will give you what you are.” The reason why your life will be filled with bounties of happiness and fulfillment is the number of success you can create for yourself and the proportion of what you birth in respect to what […]

The one that death stole

Just when I thought I have lost enough of beautiful souls from my small circle of friends and family, I lost yet another last night to death again. Luqman Sulyman was his name. You might have not heard or noticed him. That’s because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he […]

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Achieving a healthy weight after pregnancy for women becomes a struggle. It is a tough job for a woman to take care of the newborn baby as well as herself also. But the losing weight after pregnancy is necessary and even beneficial for your future. Weight gain after pregnancy is called baby weight and many […]

What Will You Do, Love?

“What will you do, love, when I am going, With white sail flowing, The seas beyond? – What will you do, love, when waves divide us, And friends may chide us For being fond?” “Though waves divide us, and friends be chiding, In faith abiding, I’ll still be true! And I’ll pray for thee on […]