How can you participate?

Rakuten Kobo Canada

You can help us maintain the breath of our collection by giving a book to our “The Book Smile” Appeal in the following ways:

  • You can gift a book to us from any of the online bookstores such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, among others and it will be delivered to us directly.
  • You can send your book donation through courier service stations around Nigeria and we will pay for the delivery. But, you will have to contact us before sending it over. (This option is for residents in Nigeria only)
  • If you are an author or a publisher, you can donate copies of your work to our “The Book Smile” appeal. This helps ensure that your work reaches a very wide audience (most especially the right audience) and continues to be available to the readers. You can contact us via our email or phone number to discuss how you can reach us with your book donation.
  • If you are not sure of what books to give or you don’t have old books to give out, you can give a cash gift and allow us purchase books base on the requirement. Please click here to drop your donations in (US Dollars) or (Naira)
    • If you wish to discuss the choice of books further, please contact, Victor Eshameh via Email.

  • By contributing to “The Book Smile” appeal, you will be adding value to the lives and supporting thousands of school boys and girls to gain knowledge and enhance their academics and moral performance.

  • We are also in need of great books for adolescents. Since we work exclusively with teens, we intend to inspire them towards greatness as we also provide guidance assistance. The books that are most useful in this regard are young adolescent and adult books that are centered on inspiring young adults on lifestyle, career, entrepreneurship, health, and history.


    • Please understand that we don’t accept books that are damaged or torn or books that are too mature for teenage audience. We request that only old books or unused books in good conditions should be offered to these children. This will enable them make a good use of the books.

Kobo Canada_Devices

For some of these students, your donation might bring them the first books they will ever own and they will forever treasure it.

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