The Largest Muscle is situated in the Buttocks

The human body has more than 600 major muscles and about 240 of them have specific names. There are two main types of muscles: skeletal muscles and smooth muscles. A third kind of muscle, called cardiac muscle, has characteristics of both skeletal and smooth muscles. It is found only in the heart. Click to complete […]

Is sleeping with a criminal a crime?

Love Kendall, a 39-year-old female prison officer have been charged for having affair with two male inmates, Luke Davis and her recent Stanislav Zamper. She has been sentenced to nine month in jail, suspended for 2 years, 200 hours of unpaid community work and 25 days rehabilitation. Click for more of the story

RAPE: A 2 year old girl has been defiled by 40

The act of rape needs no introduction in any part of the world. Humans have continued to express and exercise their sexual urges in various forms and fashion. But the question is why the underage children? What makes them sexually attractive to a rapist? In Delta state, Nigeria, a two years old girl has been […]


Regret about the road not taken, the words not written, the life that was meant for you, but that YOU left unlived.

I’m a woman

So what? I get into an argument with a man, he slaps me, I feel the pain, yet they tell me I provoked him. I should have been quiet, I should have been patient. I should apologize to him. I get into an argument with a man, I slap him, they tell me I have […]


Jealousy is always among them, they hardly stay together without a fight, but they are lovely creatures, the ties from the ribs of men, making them the strongest cos they are the men’s weakness. They bleed in circles while growing up till a woman and dust, they bath and clothe with ermine, blessings and pride, […]

You Have to Love

Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. […]

My recipe for fear and weakness.

There is nothing wrong with having a weakness or being afraid, but if you want to get somewhere in life, you will need to overcome your fear and learn to turn your weakness into strengths, or you will find only frustration and you will fall short of your desired goals.


If you cannot fly, run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl, by any means keep moving. This is my secret inspiration. Martin Luther King made it obvious that Perseverance is the key to greatness. One of America’s famous presidents, Abraham Lincoln illustrated this in his lifestyle. For many years, he failed […]


Of course we were inadequately informed that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. They did not tell us that we in breathe in carbondioxide, oxygen, Nitrogen, water vapour. I am not here this morning to question what we were taught but to reveal a secret of success of oxygen unknown to us. […]

Writers Inspiring Writers 4

“When I’m managing to write regularly, I always have a collection of poems in translation on my desk. I’ll usually begin a writing session by reading a few poems from the collection and copying out the lines that speak to me. Then, I’ll re-organize those lines into a new poem, editing the lines or improvising […]


_Very interesting piece! _Written by Femi Pedro_ Sometime in 1988, I received a call from a good friend, Mr Akin Akintoye, about an interesting investment opportunity with a few colleagues. After a series of meetings, it became very clear to me that we were about to embark on an audacious but incredibly special journey, and […]


CREATIVE POETRY EPISODE 4: LEAVING WITH ALL WRITTEN BY: UKAKOGU NGOZI PERPETUA Leaving with all tells a story about falling in and out of love. The poet combines simile, metaphor, personification and hyperbole just to express the depth of sorrow that comes getting evicted or being left alone. Picking a beautiful object such as Rose, […]


For generations to come we will never die Till eternity our name will be an elixir For the One I place forever high Has bestowed upon me a child A son to chum along this voyage Because Life is a race and like a relay! #Saliu #Thepenwarlord #Art_has_made_an_immortal


A tale of pen warrior This is a tale of a pen warrior in the west Mighty as *Zeus* but not a kin or next And till death die he will always amuse But his love for *Mousai* left many bemused For musing uppon hie he did for thousand days and nights Crying away crafts […]


‘Otutu man mu mi’ ‘aman ile aye yi o ti shu mi’ ‘ile aye yi shi ma pare’ ‘inkan to o gbe aye shey lan fe’ You cannot hear me cry- because my dreams won’t die- from where I stand I know- that I am on my own- it’s so quiet out here- and I […]


In the name of humanity… I call- Africa, Asia, America and all- the time to stick together has come- let us spill no more blood- it is time to put all these to stop- and embrace the existence of humanity. The past you see gave birth to the present- and the present is married to […]


Don’t ignore her story, she has gone through a lot. For those of you that need a reason to say THANK GOD FOR MY FAMILY, here is one. “Together with our parents, my five siblings and I were one happy family until Boko Haram attacked and overthrew our town,” says this 8-year-old girl, tears welling […]


​Over the years many have lived, made impact, changed unfavorable situations and happenings in their environment from the obvious negative to the positive; some had even sacrificed their entire live and wealth in empowering, investing and grooming people, businesses and other inevitability of life. But how sad it is that death makes most achievers irrelevant and forgotten few […]


You deserve a more enduring kind of freedom, my dear. But this freedom has a price Too expensive beyond the reach of weaklings_ Beyond the reach of cowards or dreamers! United in shame, we stand for purpose Against our common foes. I look into your suspicious eyes, Ebony queens, wearing polished smiles on scarred faces […]


  thinking of the past when nothing was sure hands were pure pockets were poor   reminiscing on the past wishes were never horses though we dream of flying we wake up on our bed   the latter is better our bread now has butter and a breadwinner no more trade by barter


Friends continue to be friends until power pass power Water continue to be friendly until power pass power Fire in solicitation with wisdom is a friend until power topple power Power to the hungry is abundant of food on the table Power to the sick is healing in his hands Power to the poor is […]

The Eagle

Slowly smoothly soars The Eagle Gliding the faceless air Till up in the sky it floats Scanning the sliding earth Under its roving search Wings stretched, legs taut Ready always At the faintest sight Of a doomed prey To bargain away altitude Effortly gained In the clutch Of a choking claw And up the nearest […]

Note to My Grandma

This is a short note to you, I pray that you wake up soon to see the love showered on you by all of us. Your children are here, your grandchildren by their sides. We all have come as you would have always loved, to see us together as one, surrounding you and sharing love […]

A Condolence Poem

This is to all mothers and fathers who have lost a child in the struggle for a better life. This poem was inspired by the loss of a colleague and friend, a final year student at Kwara State University, Mr. Ayinla Kudus Olasunkanmi. Rest In Peace. My sincere thoughts and prayers goes to his parents […]


The earth is ours to plough and plant The hoe is her barber the dibble her dimple Out with mattocks and matches bring calabash trays and rocking baskets let the sweat which swells earthroot relieve heavy heaps of their tuberous burdens let wheatfields raise their breadsome hands to the ripening sun let legumes clothe the […]


He was buried without a coffin without a grave the scavengers performed the post mortem in the open mortuary without rifles put up in front of the night club shuttering rifles put up the gun salute of the day that was a state burial anyway the car knelt the red plate wept, wrapped itself in […]


Death! How dare you? How dare you taunt me? You sting my joy to a great beyond You blaspheme bragly Open tap of uncontrollable tears To wet my tender cheek Coward! You are You strike and disappear Millions of warriors at red alert stay To avenge thy unholy stray Thou of the wicked world Perhaps, […]


ABIKU Coming and going these several seasons, Do stay out on the baobab tree, Follow where you please your kindred spirits If indoors is not enough for you. True, it leaks through the thatch When floods brim the banks, And the bats and the owls Often tear in at night through the eaves, And at […]